Private services

Any medicals, insurance reports, life insurance reports, DVLA reports, adoption reports  etc are classed as private work and these have to be applied for by the company that is requesting them and are usually paid for by the company that is requesting them.  In some instances patients may have to pay for these themselves and this is not reimbursed by the company who require the report.


Any letters that a GP does for you that is not a referral to a hospital for instance an application to support a housing application, or a to whom it may concern regarding something for your employer may wish to clarify (ideally they should contact their Occupational Health Department) will have a fee attached to it.  Please be advised that there is a fee for this service as this is not within NHS GP routine work (non-contractual) and is classed as ‘private’.  The fee is usually around £30.00 per letter.


You are however, now entitled to a copy of your medical records or a print out of your recent blood test results free of charge. You may have to allow up to 28 days for this service. However, you can write or email us ( to request online access to your electronic notes which will give you coded access to show blood test results, your medication, vaccinations and coded consultations.  This will also allow you to request repeat prescriptions online.  We would request that when you ask for this,  you provide us with photographic ID.  You cannot have access to a third party record.


We do not provide letters to say that you are ‘fit to fly’ or letters requesting you are fit to take part in marathons, charity events, sky/parachute dives, gym,  etc.